Women Are Talking At Passion Beauty


As it is always said that when you want to hear things, go to a beauty salon. Women always have something to share. Among everything that we talked about, here is the best talk of the week that I would like to share.

Black women's natural hair is diversified in texture. sometimes when when it is damage, it will not be healthy to apply any chemical such as color, relaxer, perm even heat. So at Passion Beauty, we like to get the client's hair more manageable

Black women’s natural hair is diversified in texture. sometimes when when it is damage, it will not be healthy to apply any chemical such as color, relaxer, perm even heat. So at Passion Beauty, we like to get the client’s hair more manageable

At Passion Beauty, a home licensed cosmetology salon, I vow to work on appointment only. Usually, I like to  open the door to one person, take care of her beauty needs. After she lives, I clean the place and sanitize the implements then I can  have the next client. Sometimes, I have the next come a little earlier like 5 to 10 minutes before her time.  Moreover, sometimes, it happens that I may have two to three ladies almost at the same time. This happens when one needs a touch up of her weave, an eye brow, stopping by to get some products,  or anything quick. So on this particular day, I had three ladies with different salon services. The first person had a color, scalp and hair treatment. the next lady just needed to fill in her weave extensions and the third came in for scalp and hair treatment, then to braids. As soon as the third lady came in and after greeting everyone, she said: “you are coloring her hair and you refused to color mine”  then said you know well that I did not refuse to do your hair color. It just because of the damage of your scalp and hair that is holding me from applying any chemical to your hair. Now the lady with the hair color said: “you don’t want to know how long she has been doing my hair and today is the first time she accepted to color my hair” . She went on to let the other ladies understand how bad her scalp was before we met. But the grace of God with the scalp and her treatment that she has been getting, she has this hair on her hair today. Ladies chat went on and on till the lady who came for scalp-hair treatment and braids asked: “what do you think about black women wearing natural hair to work?” “I won’t mind wearing my hair natural for work but I had never had good hair to wear it like that. But since I started coming to Passion Beauty, my hair has been getting better and I think that wearing my natural hair to work is going to be an option. We all don’t mind the idea. Next  she added this to her question: “With all the competition at the job places and positions?” This is what really made me write this article. The touch up lady replied this way: “if a job or a position is yours, nobody and nothing will stop you from getting it. She said if you don’t get the job or the position, know that it was not mint to be yours or the time has not    come yet. Then she continued with her personal example and I call it testimony. She told us about how she got the job  that she is doing right now and that she does with love and passion. She said that there was a time that she really wanted to work with a certain company. She saw the company’s add or job opening and she applied. After she was called for an interview, she was offered the job at a lower pay that she did not like; so she refused the position. A year of two later, she received two emails about the same position,  and emails that she did not check for three days. As soon as she read the emails, she first sent an email apologizing for the delay. Then she did the necessary required for her interview. She was told that they will call her after two days and when she got the phone call, it was a promise of another phone interview for 15 minutes that ended up at 45 minutes. She said that her manager said: ” I just like you and I know that you will do you work and more than I expected”. She got the job that year with a better pay.  End of story. I would like to share this with you and the whole world that when you give yourself, your whole life to our Lord, and His Son Jesus Christ, Trust God on this: nothing will weigh you down and nothing will take away your joy.

This lady did not get the job the first time just because it was not the right time, the people were not the right people that she could work with in harmony at the time. Remember what God says in 1 Corinthian 7: 19,  God said : or do you not know that your body is the temple of the holy spirit within you , which  you  have from God, and that you are not your own?  for you were bought with a price; therefore, glorify God in your body. I believe that even the work that I do for a salary of a pay should be done as God wants me to and I do this for his own glory. So when ever I am haunting for job or a position or even a change of statute and I put it in God’s hand, He will not fail me. Even if I don’t get it the way I want it, God knows what is better  for me and so does He for you.

He created us in His image, Gen. 1:26-27.
He understands our emotions, intellect,
He knows our needs, physical & spiritual.
He knows our weaknesses & our strengths.

Peace and love you all!!!


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My High Desire To Become Somebody: Part II

I was brought to the Earth by the Lord’s grace through a man and a women. By his grace, I am who I am. It seems like now I need to make something out of my life. No matter who parents are, were, I strongly believe that my parents’ life should not affect my life. Wait did I say that their life should not affect my life? No sweet heart, it does affect my life. It is not that I have to carry on how my parents lived, what they had, who they mingled with etc. The reason why they life has affected me is because I choose to draw the consequences of their life to build my way of living by the grace of the Lord knowing that I can not do anything with God’s authorization and authority. For example if my parents were peaceful people, I ask what has peace done into their life?

My dream of becoming somebody has not ceased and will not stop until I reach my goals in live unless God decides order wise and I believe that at any age, any where and anytime, God that I fear, worship and wow to know better will reveal activities and services that I am created to accomplish. Oh God I thank you right now for this revelation. My brothers and sisters who are reading this article, please read carefully what is coming next, do not stop reading. As I was about to write what I want to become, (an entrepreneurial, a leader, a successful person ), the Lord has just revealed this to me and this has and must be my guide line. I heard : to look for a holy life and I read this in 1 Peter 1: 13-16;  therefore prepare your minds for actions; discipline yourselves; set all your hopes on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed. Like obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires that you formerly had in ignorance. Instead, as he who called you is holy, be holy yourselves in all your conduct; for it is written, “you shall be holy, for I am holy. Jehovah, Lord, I glorify your name!” You are a true God. Now things are making sense. I really wanted to write about physical positions of climbing the lather of success and prosperity. Now I have fund the best one through which everything and anything is possible.  I will worship you all the days of my life and teach my children your words and proclaim your mystery. I think I am done thinking about my dreams on my own and by myself. I have to do what I have to do and get what I was created to be. Now I understand why I could not put all my dreams in the article that I titled “My High Desire To Become Somebody: Part I“. God is so amazing and give amazing graces. I know that by becoming and living as a servant of God, my dreams will not suffer. He is encouraging you and I to stop dreaming in the flesh; dreams that wage war against the soul. in 1 Peter 3: 12, I learn : conduct yourself honorably among the Gentiles, so that, though they malign you as evildoers, they may see your Honorable deeds and glorify God when He come to judge.

Now I am understanding what to do. I have to learn to be faithful to my creator. He says that faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not see. Indeed by faith, our ancestors received approval. By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible. Hebrews 11: 1-3. By faith, our forfather Abraham obeyed when he was called to set up a place that he was to receive as an inheritance and he set out, not knowing where he was going. …… Hebrews 11:8 and on.


My the grace of the Lord, the Almighty Maker of Heaven and Earth be will us on all the lands so that we may understand through the Holy Spirit what w ought to do in this world. Not to run for vain prestige, prosperity that are destroying our soul. By faith in Jehovah, the Almighty, I believe that He has a purpose to my life and I own Him obedience, then He will reveal to me how to bring my stone to the edification of a better world. Help me oh Lord! in Jesus’ name.

If you are reading this and you like it, please share it all all the networks. Also link your blog to mine so that we may help each other. Stay blessed

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My Movie Theater Experience

I have been telling my children that we could watch movies and any kind we want at home, sitting in our comfort couch and shewing what ever we want and eating anything, and this, in a more familial setting. But children, or people in general like  to experiment. We will never know what you are missing, what you are losing until you get to face the reality.  I was not a movie theater person. To me that is the way some people are making their money; so I need to find my own way to live a better live. I didn’t that not going to a movie Theater might negatively affect my life, my social, intelligence or anything about me. Some movies are writing in a book form. I had my way to know as story in the theater in  different sources of information. Even when I did not have one, I  think  could be learning something else where theater movie lovers were away. Today, we the Red Box, the Netflix, the cables and companies, my problem of not going to a movie theater solves my “fear” . Next, we do things sometimes because of the change, the new location, the people we meet and the changes in the mentality, and changes in human’s behavior. Till I started having children, I have never gone to a movie theater. Then when my son turn 13 and 14, he started bringing the idea of going to a movie because a class mate said that he or she was with their families. As a mother, sometimes you don’t want to be always seeing as the one that knows nothing or is out of style, not updated. After several demands, I had to comply and take them to our local movie theater. I expected better that what I saw.

The very first time I was at a Movie Theater, I felt unsafe and I was disappointed by the fact that I did not see any secured way to protect myself and my children: There was not scanning system to see if the clients a the Theater were entering the premises with any armful device, the popcorn box was too expensive, salty or buttery, the pops more that I could just pick one from my fridge and I could even want to have a fruit as I am siting, relaxing, and watching.   Next we were in a dark room of course sitting by people we don’t know because they could be the worse people I would want to sit by. As we sat down, I prayed for safety in the whole building and for each individual in general and for my family in particular. Then I asked the children to be in the Spirit of God, the Almighty. This because  From beginning to the end of the movie, which was “Karate Kid” I was uncomfortable then I had the assurance that I have put that moment, the people the building in the hands of our Lord and Jesus. He said ask and it will be given.  Knowing that God does not lie to us.  I felt safer,  then I was wondering if we really needed to be there. But because I know that we were in God’s protection, I slept. I had gone as second time and a third time thought and I always fall asleep. I don’t think that movie theaters are meant for me. Today, as I am writing this article, I am planning never to go to a movie theater, and I sounded loud, then my 11 years old daughter told me that she was going to tell me that we should stop going to the movie theater and if the need arises, we should use the red-box movies or Netflix because of the shooting that took place at Aurora in Colorado last Friday around Midnight. Sometimes, we do things that we believe we have to but that are not necessary. I did not go to the movie theater but I don’t think that I am a lesser person. Be blessed and let us take care of one another.

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My High Desire To Become Somebody: Part I

    As a child and growing up I think that I have been having big dreams, dreams that I wanted to compare with my parents’ wishes for me. Wishes that my grandfather and grandmother saviors of my situation and condition by the grace of God. I didn’t just want to have a job, and any type. I have been willing to become somebody like they say: ” make something out of my life”. I wanted to become somebody that will solve most of the problems in my family. I really wanted to take care of my mother and grandmother before they pass. I wanted to make sure they had food, clothing and a  roof over their heads, because I have seen how much these two women suffered. I wanted to one day buy a car and pick my two ladies in and travel to a place. Like you know : “Man proposes and God disposes” I did not have the chance to do much before these two fighters left the earth to my biggest surprise.
A day before I travel back to the USA and I was tired and stressed from what I had to do, say and see in my family. I cried almost everyday when I met some of my siblings because of the limitations. At some points, the needs are so much that you don’t even know where to start from, who to help and who not to help. That is where I call upon God for His spirit of discernment
I am the oldest
These are some of my siblings without our parents as all of us are orphans now

 Do you think that my journey to becoming somebody has come to an end?

Our way of welcoming me.

My step brother on the left, my sister in the middle, my step mother on the right.

( Badja) Togo

This is the house I grew up in that I cherish and respect.

One might think that since I lost these two women of my life, I would not have much to do. In the contrary, before they passed away, I became a woman and a mother. I see my dreams more bigger and my world has become more demanding with its challenges. But I am not afraid of challenges. They even guide me as for what to do and how to do things.

I thought after a degree in the Library Science, I could do enough. My nightmare started after that I graduated from the University Cheickh Anta Diop de Dakar in Senegal after I graduated from  high school in Lome Togo. I had  to look for job for two good years with no outcome. Then I decided to learn to sue clothes. In Togo I did not absolutely need to go to school for tailoring but I could just start as an apprentis and it worked. To cut the long story short, I worked as a Documentalist in Lome Togo as I was also making clothes (dresses) for women and  young girls. Next I worked a debt collector. After that I have to move to the United States where I had to face the rude part of life. After  I quite my carrier and moved to the land of opportunities, a way for me to help my parents,  I thought. unfortunately, 6 months after I arrived, I lost my mother suddenly. Then I thought that God was no longer with me and my family because the transition in America      was very difficult and disappointing: the weather, the language barrier, and the fact that one could not get a job with all the documents the we brought with my level of education, that I was dreaming to get an equivalent job as the one I had back in Togo. Since I learn from the difficulties, I have learned to become resilient and move with the flow in my new land. Looking back as I was growing up, I had my parents and grandparents till some times and I know that things were difficult. Now they are no more and they have left me many siblings. What  should I do? Moreover, I am still chasing my dream; that of becoming somebody in order to wipe the tear of both my mother and grandmother,  two women that suffered for me and that I saw in hardship among the others. But I know with an unshakable believe that with the Lord by my side, I am on my way to becoming somebody by God’s grace and for His own Glory. Let us be kind to one another like God and Jesus Christ thaugh us

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What To Know About Death And The Dead


Thank you all that have been  posting articles about death and dead. I don’t really know how it feels to lose a child, young or adult. It must be very painful, and stressful I guess. but I know how it feels loosing a parent and worse both parents. Now I have been reading the Bible where I am getting my support and comfort. I have learnt that God and Jesus themselves hate death. The time is coming when He will bring back all the dead ones and all will live in a paradise world. but people have to do something to deserve the benefit of the resurrection  the living ones or as we are still alive, have to do something for the resurrection of the dead to come. It’s  knowing  the words of the Lord and live accordingly.  Everything that we see today, happening was written. God knew that they will happen and He warned His Creature about that.  So we have to know that God foresaw them all and had it written in the Holy Bible so that we may know about and learn to avoid the bad ones for a better life. God’s plan is that the Whole  Earth be transformed into a Paradise where the dead will be brought back to life. But this will not happen in a world where there are wars, criminality, disease. When they come back to life, they will live eternally on earth in peace and in wealth. God knows everybody that He has created and He compares us to the millions of stars that He still knows by name. At the question : who will be brought back to live (resurrection), Jesus says in John 5: 28-29 do not be astonished at this for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear His voice and will come out. Those who have done good, to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil, to the resurrection of condemnation.

Also in Revelation 20:13 we read: the sea gave up the dead that were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and all were judged according to what they had done. In the the verse 14 of Revelation, we read, then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death, the lake of fire; and anyone whose name was not found written in the Book of Life was thrown into the Lake of fire. At this time, I think I am just going to limit this article with these 2 scriptures. John 5: 28-29 and Revelation 20: 13-15, where we learn that God has a plan of everything and everybody even the dead now matter the circumstance. Take it easy and remain blessed.


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Get Serious With My Loved Ones: Death

Human beings have been dying since I was born. I understand that when I was very young like a baby I may not have understood what death means but as the days are going by and I am also becoming older, I am getting some meanings. Should I continue talking to my parents as if they were here, with me?

In every part of the world, and anywhere that live a human being, there has been death and people have been dying from varied sources. Some die from malnutrition or lake of good nutrition, others die from accident, murder, suicide, old age etc. Have I left or forgotten some other way of death? You add as you are reading this article.  No matter what the source is people, organizations such as religious, philosophers and even atheist have a meaning and origin of one’s death.  Now what is death?   Whose child is it? Or whose belonging is death that is so hunting and traumatizing us in the whole world?

Death according to Wikipedia, Death is the cessation or permanent termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. It seems like this explanation is just what I needed to better understand the fact of death. I am done putting the elements of death together? So much questions in this article right? Don’t worry. This has been the number of questions I live with on the daily basis and there are more. Yes I just remember this other elements: spirit and soul; the spiritual part of human being. Over all I understand that human being is made of spiritual parts and biological part? Now that we have succeeded in putting all these together, let get back to the topic. At very young age, whenever I heard about death or saw people crying, because somebody died, I used to think that the dead person has travelled to a distant part of the world that the family might not see again. Then my question was this: why will a father, mother, brother, just decide to leave and abandoning these other one that love him of her so much, that live and hope on him or her, a person that may be everything for the loved ones. My other understanding was that when people die, they go to God who created them. Here this understanding was flux, not clear, or I thought that the dead being has gone to hell because I heard that he or she was mean to somebody or has done something bad in life.

Today, I can say that I have seen many people died right from my family. When my grandfather died, I was in third grade and I cried because I saw his corpse and my father, uncles, unties were crying but before that, I did not have a drop of tear. At one point, I thought that my grandfather was old (76) I believe, and the other hand I thought that since he was retired, on earth, he had to go to heaven and work for God and He will be watching on me and protecting me. Back then, we continued treating his belongings, as if he was still with us. We served his food just the way we did it when he was with us alive. Sometime when I took his food into his room, I felt like I was seeing a skeleton ghost, that there was a phantom in the room then I run out with strong heart bit. For the death of my grandfather, my grandmother had to go through some traditional ceremonies for six months to a year, and she had to live a weird life such as not greeting some people, not eating in public and so. Then, three years later, my aunt died accidentally abandoning a three months old baby. This was so very painful and I pitied the whole situation. My own like and my little cousin. how will she grow without a mother?

She was given to grandmother who took very good care of her.


We thank God for raising orphans and protecting all the orphans on our planet.

Moreover, my mother died suddenly at the moment I thought that I am now grown up and I could help her, she did at the moment I was not even in the physical position to see her corpse. Then I have been asking why till now. We do cry our loved ones when they are gone but not as much as when the loved one was much closer to us, was so dear to us. I was just planing to feed , to clothe, my mother to give a better roof to my mother because I have seen her through the abused relationship, the days with lesser clothes and even thorn and faded, her days with lesser food for her children or none at all. I really wanted to change her life so that the people who laughter at her, who maltreated her and who had but did not give to help her should be put to shame. I wanted to make her happy even if it had to be one day. I plane to wipe my mother’s tears; tears she went to bed with and woke up in . But helas. I couldn’t.   Furthermore, my father also died four years later. Again I did not see his corpse. was I in position to see him and I did not? why will he also died when I went back to school in my new country to better my life and theirs? did I neglect my parents? Should I live with a guilt of insufficiency? By the way who I am to plan such things on behave of my parents. I am just a human being that thinks my own way. Do I know how all these family members died ? oh yes. But do I know why they died? When I asked, my other family member always have a meaning to ones death.  They think that because my death one had some price to pay to someone (an ancestor) that He or she did not pay. So death is the price to pay and join the others at “au-dela” or the other world. To my people, somebody dies for a reason and the living ones have to pay the price by offering sacrifices and killing Goats, chicken, drinks and other things. Very ridiculous! a way to waste somebody’s money and energy while many people in the same family are needing the daily bread, I have asked my dead family members to take care of my needs, to protect, to lead me. But today, I have found the answer to my numerous questions as I made the round asking people of all age without a pertinent answer  and I am getting to feel better and I believe that this article will help you too. After my Bible study last week, I have learned that knowing the truth about death will protect you and I from the multiple lies that we have been feeding ourselves with. Now I know that God is the only one with his spirit that can protect me, lead me and take care of me if only I would really know and truly believe.

When I asked to know why do people die? the scriptures say that death existed even when there were only two human beings on earth; Adam and Eve and how they died after their disobedience to God’s order in Genesis 2:9 , 3: 1-24. God did not create human to die but to live a parfait life in a paradise. As we are the descendants of Adam and Eve, we are sinners by inheritance and I believe we are also inheritance of death.

Not to make this article too long, God has made light for us by sending his only begotten Son to save us. Then His promised eternal life but on conditions. That we may accept the Christ as our savior, redeemer. My other problem is what becomes the spirit of a dead person? I have learnt in Psalm 146:3; do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. when their breath departs they return to the earth; on that very day their plans perish. The living beings know that they will die but the dead know nothing, they have no more reward, and even the memory of them is lost. their love, their hate and their envy have already perished l; never will they have any share in all that happens under the sun. See Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10. the Lord is encouraging us to enjoy all the days that are given to us under the sun, because that is our portion  in life and in our toil at which we toil under the sun. Whatever our hands find to do, we should do it with our might; for there is no work, or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which we are going. Lastly not the least, Psalm 146:4 When their breath departs, they return to the earth; on that very day their plan perish.

Now I know that when a person dies no matter the cause, the biological spiritual body parts perish and there is not hope that I can do anything to my dead parents, but God has a better plan for the dead. That is the promise of the resurrection. That is why I think that instead of crying my dead parents every day, I have to pray God that His promise may be accomplished that even if I  die today, we all may benefit from His promise of resurrection in a new paradise.  Amen

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Hair Is A Woman’s Crowning Glory

I grew up cutting my hair every three months or more for two important reasons: Education and tradition and also I cut my hair when I wanted. But I have been thinking about this so dearly since then especially when it was not my own routine time to cut my hair if it was worth it. Worse when somebody had to just grab me and shave whole head for traditional reasons.

As young pupils, the schools in my town did not allow students to braid or put any chemical in their hair. So it worked for me. The reason behind the schools authorities’ refusal was that: First allowing girls to come to school with their hair done somehow different than the natural short hair do, will create silent fight among the girls and boys. Some girls will be treated as beautiful while others will be treated as ugly. But this does not mean that with our hair not done, there were no differences.  Next, the schools were not in favor of girls hair do, because the girls needed to spend the time of doing their hair, helping their parents with the house shores, market, farm, in whatever their parents were into also and more important reason for the schools, girls needed to be academically doing their homework. Last but not the least reason in education was to avoid attracting boys and men. In other ways, avoid distracting their teachers and class-mates in the class as well as in the school hall even in town. The officials really wanted all the students not matter their financial statute to «look alike” I remember how I used to want to be like Ghana pupils who did the same thing with their hair and I felt like they were more stylish in their hair cut, their school uniforms and their tennis shoes to school. Always looked neater than me I used to think. We in Togo too were cleaned with our low haircut.

Next, I had to cut my hair even shave the whole head, because society and tradition demanded that I cut my hair when there was death in the family. Sometime, I had to cut my hair two to three times in a row in less than two months because of the number of deaths. Immediately after the dead body was buried, some men and women would just cash us, lined us and start shaving our head somehow and anyhow. Some of this hair cutter could be rough. We ended up some times with blade cuts bleeding; scares on our heads, while others were good hair cutters. Sometimes, we cried and begged not to cut our hair but nobody really cared. As I look back today, I feel like nobody even listed or it was a waste of time trying to repost of the haircut. I have been wondering if the hair cut did anything to the dead or to the living ones. I am sure that I will get an answer one faithful day. For some reasons, I got to know that I could stay away from those hair-cutters and plan to cut my hair later. I tried this with the death of my lovely aunt. As a teenager, when my aunt died, I told myself that she was so nice before she died that I did not think that she would harm me it I did not  shave my hair for her. At that time I tried it and it worked, I have not had my hair cut again without my consent. After that I said to myself that because I did not shave my head for my one aunt, I would not do it for anybody.

One of the schools I attended

Furthermore, I cut my hair anytime I relaxed it and most often  after every three to six months or every year because of hair damage from relaxers, perms of bad hair dos. I wanted my hair to grow long, healthy. I wanted to be beautiful. So I thought that straightening my hair either at home or at a salon will make me look the way I wanted. This chemically treated hair and its hair cut will be another article all apart that I will write about later. As I am still wandering about a girl, a woman’s hair dos and cuts, I have heard this: a woman’s hair is her crowning glory and I wanted to know the meaning and how. As I know the answer from my society, tradition, and hair styles, I wanted to know what God said about this; because I have come to realize that there is nothing that God did not talk about in the Holy Bible. So in 1Corinthian 11: 5, I read the following; any woman who praises or prophesies with her head unveiled, disgraces her head-it is the same thing as having her head shaved. To my understanding, a woman ought not to shave her hair because her hair on her head, is a symbol of protection, as her husband is to protect her. Her hair represents a symbol of authority and the verse 10 adds that it is also because of the angels. woman should not have to cut their hair for, it is a symbol of obedience to the Lord’s order. A woman is made out of a man (man has to protect woman) and man come through woman. There for a woman’s hair has to keep her hair long as her hair is her glory.

No matter what length, texture my hair is, it is still my crowing glory and I will be obedient to my God as He recommends.

Oh Lord, I have done so many things to my hair in the past:  bad hair care, relaxers, perms, too tight braids, weaves, color, the list can go on. Today I understand that all that I did in the past to my hair is the reason why I have lost my hair. I come to you now because you have let me know and understand that there has been a reason for my hair loss. Right now I thank you for everything you have done in my life and pray that you heal my scalp and hair so that I may grow back my hair and wear it for my protection also as a symbol of authority on my head  for my crowning glory. Amen

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