Get Serious With My Loved Ones: Death

Human beings have been dying since I was born. I understand that when I was very young like a baby I may not have understood what death means but as the days are going by and I am also becoming older, I am getting some meanings. Should I continue talking to my parents as if they were here, with me?

In every part of the world, and anywhere that live a human being, there has been death and people have been dying from varied sources. Some die from malnutrition or lake of good nutrition, others die from accident, murder, suicide, old age etc. Have I left or forgotten some other way of death? You add as you are reading this article.  No matter what the source is people, organizations such as religious, philosophers and even atheist have a meaning and origin of one’s death.  Now what is death?   Whose child is it? Or whose belonging is death that is so hunting and traumatizing us in the whole world?

Death according to Wikipedia, Death is the cessation or permanent termination of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. It seems like this explanation is just what I needed to better understand the fact of death. I am done putting the elements of death together? So much questions in this article right? Don’t worry. This has been the number of questions I live with on the daily basis and there are more. Yes I just remember this other elements: spirit and soul; the spiritual part of human being. Over all I understand that human being is made of spiritual parts and biological part? Now that we have succeeded in putting all these together, let get back to the topic. At very young age, whenever I heard about death or saw people crying, because somebody died, I used to think that the dead person has travelled to a distant part of the world that the family might not see again. Then my question was this: why will a father, mother, brother, just decide to leave and abandoning these other one that love him of her so much, that live and hope on him or her, a person that may be everything for the loved ones. My other understanding was that when people die, they go to God who created them. Here this understanding was flux, not clear, or I thought that the dead being has gone to hell because I heard that he or she was mean to somebody or has done something bad in life.

Today, I can say that I have seen many people died right from my family. When my grandfather died, I was in third grade and I cried because I saw his corpse and my father, uncles, unties were crying but before that, I did not have a drop of tear. At one point, I thought that my grandfather was old (76) I believe, and the other hand I thought that since he was retired, on earth, he had to go to heaven and work for God and He will be watching on me and protecting me. Back then, we continued treating his belongings, as if he was still with us. We served his food just the way we did it when he was with us alive. Sometime when I took his food into his room, I felt like I was seeing a skeleton ghost, that there was a phantom in the room then I run out with strong heart bit. For the death of my grandfather, my grandmother had to go through some traditional ceremonies for six months to a year, and she had to live a weird life such as not greeting some people, not eating in public and so. Then, three years later, my aunt died accidentally abandoning a three months old baby. This was so very painful and I pitied the whole situation. My own like and my little cousin. how will she grow without a mother?

She was given to grandmother who took very good care of her.


We thank God for raising orphans and protecting all the orphans on our planet.

Moreover, my mother died suddenly at the moment I thought that I am now grown up and I could help her, she did at the moment I was not even in the physical position to see her corpse. Then I have been asking why till now. We do cry our loved ones when they are gone but not as much as when the loved one was much closer to us, was so dear to us. I was just planing to feed , to clothe, my mother to give a better roof to my mother because I have seen her through the abused relationship, the days with lesser clothes and even thorn and faded, her days with lesser food for her children or none at all. I really wanted to change her life so that the people who laughter at her, who maltreated her and who had but did not give to help her should be put to shame. I wanted to make her happy even if it had to be one day. I plane to wipe my mother’s tears; tears she went to bed with and woke up in . But helas. I couldn’t.   Furthermore, my father also died four years later. Again I did not see his corpse. was I in position to see him and I did not? why will he also died when I went back to school in my new country to better my life and theirs? did I neglect my parents? Should I live with a guilt of insufficiency? By the way who I am to plan such things on behave of my parents. I am just a human being that thinks my own way. Do I know how all these family members died ? oh yes. But do I know why they died? When I asked, my other family member always have a meaning to ones death.  They think that because my death one had some price to pay to someone (an ancestor) that He or she did not pay. So death is the price to pay and join the others at “au-dela” or the other world. To my people, somebody dies for a reason and the living ones have to pay the price by offering sacrifices and killing Goats, chicken, drinks and other things. Very ridiculous! a way to waste somebody’s money and energy while many people in the same family are needing the daily bread, I have asked my dead family members to take care of my needs, to protect, to lead me. But today, I have found the answer to my numerous questions as I made the round asking people of all age without a pertinent answer  and I am getting to feel better and I believe that this article will help you too. After my Bible study last week, I have learned that knowing the truth about death will protect you and I from the multiple lies that we have been feeding ourselves with. Now I know that God is the only one with his spirit that can protect me, lead me and take care of me if only I would really know and truly believe.

When I asked to know why do people die? the scriptures say that death existed even when there were only two human beings on earth; Adam and Eve and how they died after their disobedience to God’s order in Genesis 2:9 , 3: 1-24. God did not create human to die but to live a parfait life in a paradise. As we are the descendants of Adam and Eve, we are sinners by inheritance and I believe we are also inheritance of death.

Not to make this article too long, God has made light for us by sending his only begotten Son to save us. Then His promised eternal life but on conditions. That we may accept the Christ as our savior, redeemer. My other problem is what becomes the spirit of a dead person? I have learnt in Psalm 146:3; do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. when their breath departs they return to the earth; on that very day their plans perish. The living beings know that they will die but the dead know nothing, they have no more reward, and even the memory of them is lost. their love, their hate and their envy have already perished l; never will they have any share in all that happens under the sun. See Ecclesiastes 9:5, 6, 10. the Lord is encouraging us to enjoy all the days that are given to us under the sun, because that is our portion  in life and in our toil at which we toil under the sun. Whatever our hands find to do, we should do it with our might; for there is no work, or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which we are going. Lastly not the least, Psalm 146:4 When their breath departs, they return to the earth; on that very day their plan perish.

Now I know that when a person dies no matter the cause, the biological spiritual body parts perish and there is not hope that I can do anything to my dead parents, but God has a better plan for the dead. That is the promise of the resurrection. That is why I think that instead of crying my dead parents every day, I have to pray God that His promise may be accomplished that even if I  die today, we all may benefit from His promise of resurrection in a new paradise.  Amen


About Mapassion5

I am a God fearing person who loves people regardless of their origin, race, culture and intellectual background, the list can go on. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4: 24 I pray the Lord Almighty to lead me by his spirit so that I may know and speak the truth at all time of my life and everywhere I am. I have the passion of taking care of people. I worked as a nursing assistant for five years taking care of elderly people. Now, I am taking care of people's beauty. I have being growing up as a mother and father to my sibling. At the moment, I am the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization: Friends of the Disadvantaged Students for Brighter Future with the mission to help students in the rural areas in Africa. Actually, we have started in Togo where I am from by paying some students school fees, school supplies and other necessary things. I believe that with God by my side, everything I dream of will come to happen. I am a Documentalist and Cosmetologist who likes to research, I love to learn, to know, to look for and discorver. I love the think before I make any decision. I love to write and to read. I am here to learn and share. Before I forget, I am a huge fan of Gospel Music. It makes my day. I feel fulfill when I sing and dance for the Lord; althought I am not a good singer neither am I a good dancer but still , I can dance for my glorious savior. Peace and Love to you all.
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  1. We enjoy the precious awareness a person offer in the short article subject material. We are able to lesemarke your blog article and have my children use a evaluate ideal up below typically. Now i’m alternatively optimistic they will understand a lot of new products right here than other persons!

  2. I think there may be a few duplicates, but an incredibly handy list! I have tweeted this. Many thanks for sharing!

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