Dr. Phil. Did Not Finish With The “Abused Boy”

No disrespect to anyone and this is just what I think about Dr. Phil’s Show on 5/24/2012: The Abusive Father and His Relationship With His Teenage Boy and the Other Children., I love Dr. Phil’s day time shows and I watch his show almost everyday. I am Dr. Phil fan that does not talk too much but today, I decided to come this way. I have been watching, listening and even experiencing the family life with children. I have friends, family members, neighbours and myself with children. I would like everybody to know that I have learned growing up that as a child, I have some rights at the same title or level as I have obligations to myself, my parents, my family, my country and the world. These two elements have to  always go at the same rhythm or same wave length.  But here at my new location it seems more like when it comes to raising children, their education and life, it is always more like the parents are at fault. If you are reading this blog, just know that the information here does not apply to parents who are not good examples and who do not play a role model to their children.  Children in my new world, have what they want almost everything they want as opposed to what I had when I was their age. But they still don’t work hard and one might want to know why. The law has given too much to children these days that they have no respect, they don’t even what to learn to know the family values. Know that this is not referring to all the children. Then we want to know why this is turning the way we see it nowadays. Some children speak bout to their parents and it is no more doute. When I asked last time to know why the child just spoke like that to her mother, she told me that she has to outer her opinion. Okay then if you know that you have to give your opinion, then know that you have to take some responsibilities. Do not just let words out of you mouth. Also take action. Dr. Phil.on this day had a father to whom he told what the man needed to hear and know about his relationship with his children, also plan to provide help to the father who has been abusing one of his children. I feel bad for all that family has been going through because of the father’s behavior toward his boy  on his 16 years old son. The man refused to accept what he was accused of. That is who he is. I believe that this father paid his child support regularly, the wife even said that He came in the house one day. That made me understand that He still goes in the house where the ex-wife and the children live. He picked them, dropped them. But with this one son, he will refuse or say things. Dr. you did not go a little deeper to know what the father was doing at the time the boy called his father for a ride. May be. Dr. Phil. told the boy that he knows that he (the boy) has to honor his parents but not be walked on. This is good and well said and I know that he was referring to one of the Ten Commandments in the Holy Bible, but it was not enough, also I don’t think that the boy in the show and others watching understand it deep. Children and teenagers have to learn these key words: their Rights and their Obligation; their parents’ Rights and Obligations all together. At the end of all, these children or teenagers are the world’s tomorrow Leaders. The boy said that one day, it was bed time and he was playing on his iPod and the father confronted him and he told his father to leave him alone or something.  You see, there is a problem there already. What parent will love to hear that from his or her child? There will be a reaction that is going to vary depending on the actors in question. The boy knew that he broke one of the bed time law but still he negatively reacted to his father. It is more like the child abusing his father at this point. If on this world-wide  show, this boy did not learn to know his Rights From his Obligations, for us TV watchers too to learn from, the problems we are going through in this whole world will be without solutions. We will only create arrogant, disrespect, ignorant, out of law human beings that will continue hurting, distracting, misrepresenting God’s creature and God’s law the humanity, for no better life. Please watch the whole show and let us share our points. Nobody is criticizing but we are share our experiences for a better tomorrow on the planet Really, stay all blessed in Jesus


About Mapassion5

I am a God fearing person who loves people regardless of their origin, race, culture and intellectual background, the list can go on. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4: 24 I pray the Lord Almighty to lead me by his spirit so that I may know and speak the truth at all time of my life and everywhere I am. I have the passion of taking care of people. I worked as a nursing assistant for five years taking care of elderly people. Now, I am taking care of people's beauty. I have being growing up as a mother and father to my sibling. At the moment, I am the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization: Friends of the Disadvantaged Students for Brighter Future with the mission to help students in the rural areas in Africa. Actually, we have started in Togo where I am from by paying some students school fees, school supplies and other necessary things. I believe that with God by my side, everything I dream of will come to happen. I am a Documentalist and Cosmetologist who likes to research, I love to learn, to know, to look for and discorver. I love the think before I make any decision. I love to write and to read. I am here to learn and share. Before I forget, I am a huge fan of Gospel Music. It makes my day. I feel fulfill when I sing and dance for the Lord; althought I am not a good singer neither am I a good dancer but still , I can dance for my glorious savior. Peace and Love to you all.
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