Secret open doors: When prayer isn’t enough…

Why not say thanks to the Lord and hold onto His prescriptions? He that made us and everything that we have, we are, that surounds us. Like this sister and blogger said, the evil spirit and and the principalities of darkness are funding open door to us which are : distraction, lack of focus, we forget who we are and where we came from, giving the royal seat to Satan to control our life. We can not get the graces, protection of our Lord if we keep departing from His words. It is very good to fellowship with positive people who can help you and it is as much important to know the words of God. Also, we can not fight the evil spirit if we do not have the right tools.He teachs us in Ps.37:12 that “the wiched plot against the righteous, and gnash their teeth at them, but He laughts” because He knows that Satan’s end is near or is already here. When He the Lord will revanche His righteous and the wiched’s own teeth will perse their own heart. God is so good that He did not say anything that He did do or will not do. He does not change His Mind. He is our stronghold in the day of trouble and protects those who find refuge in him. He want us to fellowship with Him and leave the rest into His hands. Let us all brothers and sisters pray for better understanding of the words of the Lord, for guidiance through the Holy spirit for a better life for God’s own glory. Stay blessed

Worship and Swag

Winter is gradually moving back to the north pole where it came from :). I have been rocking my boots ever since the weather hit the low 50s. Before then I’ve been wearing flats and ankle boots but I felt the need to be unique, hence my outta season boots. But I’ve also been doing other things, like say, sleeping, eating more than normal, and working less. So I’ve been in a sleep mode.

My odd fashion sense isn’t the only thing I’ll talk about in this post (thank goodness, lol!). For the past few weeks, I noticed how energetic I became come Sunday morning and praise/worship session. I would sing until my vocal cords go numb. I would dance, jump, and wriggle like a worm on caffeine. I shut my eyes tightly during prayer- in an attempt at super concentration- that sometimes I feel I can hear my eyeballs…

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About Mapassion5

I am a God fearing person who loves people regardless of their origin, race, culture and intellectual background, the list can go on. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4: 24 I pray the Lord Almighty to lead me by his spirit so that I may know and speak the truth at all time of my life and everywhere I am. I have the passion of taking care of people. I worked as a nursing assistant for five years taking care of elderly people. Now, I am taking care of people's beauty. I have being growing up as a mother and father to my sibling. At the moment, I am the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization: Friends of the Disadvantaged Students for Brighter Future with the mission to help students in the rural areas in Africa. Actually, we have started in Togo where I am from by paying some students school fees, school supplies and other necessary things. I believe that with God by my side, everything I dream of will come to happen. I am a Documentalist and Cosmetologist who likes to research, I love to learn, to know, to look for and discorver. I love the think before I make any decision. I love to write and to read. I am here to learn and share. Before I forget, I am a huge fan of Gospel Music. It makes my day. I feel fulfill when I sing and dance for the Lord; althought I am not a good singer neither am I a good dancer but still , I can dance for my glorious savior. Peace and Love to you all.
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