Why Is This Happening In The World?

How can I take care of this? How do I cure this one or solve this problem? why is this happening to me?  These are the questions that you and I have been trying to get a answer for. My dear brothers and sisters, you are not alone. The problems are everywhere. It looks like you leave one problem to the other. Sometimes, you feel like you are done with problems and the minute for you to breathe a pure air, another one surges and I am wondering why? Are we suppose to continue thinking that is God, maker of Heaven and Earth that is the cause? rider allows bad, negative things to happen to us? I am still wondering. Did God not send His only Son to the land? did He not die for our sins so we are free from sins, did He not send His only Spirit to lead us? Did we acknowledge the fact that God’s only-begotten Son has come, or let us put it the right way. That God the world so much that He gave His only Son for our sins. He  suffered and died for our sick? to just say thank you for dyeing so I may live? what have you and I done? to show our appreciation , to show our deepest gratitude. Imagine a special gift that a friend gives you. You see that it is precious because it involve a sacrifice of time, effort or expense on the part of the giver. Your heart is touched when you see and receive the gift. Then you tresor it . Shouldn’t be the same for us toward God, the Maker of All? In the contrary, We choose to be powerful our own way deceiving others

we took a stand to legalize marijuana that is destroying young generations, families children people who are supposed to serve God with all their heart, and soul. This makes them high to think that they are stronger, they have the power to do whatever they want, they have the strength to fire anybody that is on their way. We stood by each other and created weapons in order to kill physically God’s creatures and worse, the innocent. We legalized abortion, we cultivate evil does, we steal from each other, we take where we did not sue as much as we can and in a hurry. We do to other the opposite of what we want them to do to us unlike God ‘s will in Math. 7: 12  In everything do to others  as you would have them do to you for this is the law and the prophets. The worse is that we steal even from the poor. A poor that we don’t even care about.  Oh God how ashamed I am right now to be part of this cruel world. We have been fighting each other for the natural resources that God created. We are refusing to offer physical cure to those we endanger on the battle field. Oh ! how painful can this be to our maker. If God were wicked like we do, He would just come one day in his wrath and wipe the whole planet and renew it his own way. that I believe is going to happen but we just don’t know when. Today, I ask: why are we having all this problems? who is leading our world? cause I know and Believe that the only one way that will lead us to good life which is the way of God if only we can accept to serve He with all our heart, to fellowship with He at all time and to conserve His commandments. I also learn about the existence of Satan who decided to take what He did not create. that is the world and the people. Remember as Satan asked Adam and eve is it was true that God forbid them from eating the fruit of the garden? Just by asking that question, Satan has created confusion in our for-parents. Today, you and I are still confused even after Jesus christ suffered and died for our sins. Even After He promised to send His Holy Spirit to lead the world,  even did leave the Holy spirit on earth before returning to the Almighty father, we are still confused. We still don’t know who to follow and who to believe and who to worship. There are so very many and , different kinds of Religious denominations in almost every angle of our streets, giant buildings with all kinds of decorative designs as churches. In my country, it is like there is at least one church on a fifty feet street. We have different kinds of spiritual activities such as night vigils, morning, afternoon , evening and night services. You name the rest from your own experience. This means more of God’s power, authority on Earth. More spirituality and strong hold of the Holy Spirit.But what I am seeing, right now. A lot of killings, bombing, fights, nations against nations, family divisions over non existing things, no good reason, for things that we have no control on.  Oh I was almost forgetting. It is a fight between church members over leadership, over the assets of the church; It is a shame. what is really happening to us? wowo! why do I keep forgetting? have you ever read any where in the Bible that one should pray with a kitchen knife in the Bible and then hold it as one is praying? Yes it is happening in our land today and some people who are not well lightened are following faithfully those instructions.  I say that it is criminal of pastors, prophets or who ever there are that they have to mislead people who are not knowledgeable and still make money of those poor souls. There are evil intentions  right there, cruel intentions. Remember that the Bible says that in the ends, many will come to preach to the world in my name, but very few will be telling the truth. To the Lord Almighty all the glory now and forever. Peace and Love to you all. More to come by the grace of the Lord, the Father, the Son and the Holy spirit.


About Mapassion5

I am a God fearing person who loves people regardless of their origin, race, culture and intellectual background, the list can go on. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4: 24 I pray the Lord Almighty to lead me by his spirit so that I may know and speak the truth at all time of my life and everywhere I am. I have the passion of taking care of people. I worked as a nursing assistant for five years taking care of elderly people. Now, I am taking care of people's beauty. I have being growing up as a mother and father to my sibling. At the moment, I am the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization: Friends of the Disadvantaged Students for Brighter Future with the mission to help students in the rural areas in Africa. Actually, we have started in Togo where I am from by paying some students school fees, school supplies and other necessary things. I believe that with God by my side, everything I dream of will come to happen. I am a Documentalist and Cosmetologist who likes to research, I love to learn, to know, to look for and discorver. I love the think before I make any decision. I love to write and to read. I am here to learn and share. Before I forget, I am a huge fan of Gospel Music. It makes my day. I feel fulfill when I sing and dance for the Lord; althought I am not a good singer neither am I a good dancer but still , I can dance for my glorious savior. Peace and Love to you all.
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One Response to Why Is This Happening In The World?

  1. I didnt seek this, but I enjoyed this, found it inspiring! Keep up the great work!

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