Christmas 12/25/2011 Soon

oh ! how I wish I were younger than I am today. All the stores are now getting all sort of decorations, set of gifts or gifts packages, new stuff in all ranges, cloths sells , everything you can think of in preparation to the coming again of our Jesus Christ. What a wonderful time to come. Where I am from, Christmas in more like children’s holy day.  The children are taught to know who Jesus is, where he was born, what he does or is doing to them, their parents, the community , to the world etc…. Christmas is that Day where children are happy, enjoy their day by getting gifts from different family members and friends, from their pears, a day that the children get new and nice clothes, shoes : in sort, it is a beautiful, colorful day, a day when children learn again  to be nice to each other if they were not, to show love and peace for the coming of our Lord Jesus.   Because children will not have fun without their parents, sibling, neighbors,  adults too, do consider Christmas day as holy.  Do every child get all these goodies? In Some locations, some do get even when their own parents and or  relatives can not get them what they need for Christmas, but others don’t  .  Last week, I heard on one radio station this: ” if you or you know somebody or family who needs help with the holidays’ gifts call the radio station or let us know.”That is  another reason why I like and love America May the Lord bless all the hearts that are thinking about making others and the families especially those thinking about less privileged. At my time, I can remember when last I as a child I received a gift from anybody for Christmas. I ate rice twice a year because we could not afford to buy it all the time for our large family. We also used to think that we could not get full if we had to eat rice on regular basis. It was a very happy day for me ans my sibling if we could have rice and thicken and our own special way of cooking. We did not need a recipe. All that was important was how much money we had to invest in our cooking. That will determine that taste and look or presentation. This could present some drama between our parents and us. But there are other dramas outside the individual families.

That is the day you see the churches full. If you were a regular church attendee and by any mean you get late to go to that same church you have been attending on a regular basis, this time, you  might not find a place to seat. Sometime you can not even enter  the church hall to even stand up. It is like even when you forget about the route that takes people to one particular church, you easily find it on that day. although there is always different masses: Christmas Eve and several on  Christmas day,  I wonder how we still get the church full. As I am writing this now, I am wondering how God looks at it. Is it because we are so busy that we wait for that special and solemn day to show up in the church with our new outfits,  hair dos? is it because we were sick all those previous days that we couldn’t attend mass? or because We just know some holidays  where we want to be holy. I am sure about this and I know it even from my  far village, to the capital city, to where I live now, it is the same scenario. We know what to do on Christmas day and where to go to . And I ask : For what ?  or what for? and I answer: to worship God. Get real and let’s not full ourselves. Let’s us attend masses into our different churches. There are a lot to do, Somebody has to keep the church clean. prepare the services. Money has to exist in the church and for the church. Sorry this is by the way.

After all I am not complaining.  I am just thinking and remembering  things All was well as long as I have my soul and my life. I pray the Lord to strengthen me spiritually so that I may live and help in his world for His glory. Peace Love and  Stay blessed


About Mapassion5

I am a God fearing person who loves people regardless of their origin, race, culture and intellectual background, the list can go on. God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth. John 4: 24 I pray the Lord Almighty to lead me by his spirit so that I may know and speak the truth at all time of my life and everywhere I am. I have the passion of taking care of people. I worked as a nursing assistant for five years taking care of elderly people. Now, I am taking care of people's beauty. I have being growing up as a mother and father to my sibling. At the moment, I am the president and co-founder of a non-profit organization: Friends of the Disadvantaged Students for Brighter Future with the mission to help students in the rural areas in Africa. Actually, we have started in Togo where I am from by paying some students school fees, school supplies and other necessary things. I believe that with God by my side, everything I dream of will come to happen. I am a Documentalist and Cosmetologist who likes to research, I love to learn, to know, to look for and discorver. I love the think before I make any decision. I love to write and to read. I am here to learn and share. Before I forget, I am a huge fan of Gospel Music. It makes my day. I feel fulfill when I sing and dance for the Lord; althought I am not a good singer neither am I a good dancer but still , I can dance for my glorious savior. Peace and Love to you all.
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